First Friday speaker Brian Braginton-Smith gets $1M for wastewater project in So. Yarmouth.

Brian Braginton-Smith spoke at our January First Friday breakfast. His company, AquaGen Infrastructure Systems, partnering with international stakeholders is planning a waste treatment facility at a mixed-use development project in South Yarmouth. The group received a $1M grant from the Bi-national Industrial Research and Development Foundation. More details from Cape Cod Online

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CCTC Statement on Section 208 Water Plan

On November 19, 2014, the Cape Cod Technology Council submitted the following comment to the Cape Cod Commission: The Cape Cod Technology Council, Inc. (“the Technology Council”) welcomes the opportunity to offer comments on the public Draft Section 208 Cape Cod Area Wide Water Quality Management Plan Update (“the Draft 208 Plan”) released by the […]

First Friday Video: Snows on mobile POS

Notice of Nominations of Officers and Directors in 2014

In accordance with Article VII, Section 2 of the By-Laws of the Cape Cod Technology Council, Inc. (“the Council”), a Nominating Committee was duly appointed and has presented a slate of nominees to the Council’s Board of Directors and a slate of nominee for the Council’s Officers.  Additional nominations to the Board of Directors may […]

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