First Friday: John Landry forecasts 2014 (w/video)

Entrepreneur and investor John Landry’s technology forecasts regularly give the Weather Channel a run for their money at our First Friday breakfasts. When he starts reviewing the year behind and predicting what lies ahead, no one cares what’s going on outside. It’s a mesmerizing, informative hour, and we were very glad to welcome him to […]

First Friday: Cranberries on the silicon sandbar

Even third-generation cranberry growers need technology. November’s First Friday speaker was Dawn Gates-Allen, Communications Manager of the Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association. She’s also a fourth generation grower. Founded in 1888, CCCGA developed standards for the cranberry industry, including barrel size and pricing. Ongoing efforts include marketing, environmental affairs and keeping the neighbors happy. While […]

October’s First Friday: Video on the Web with Jay Sheehan

Ready to produce some content? The October First Friday breakfast meeting was in Cape Cod Community Media Center‘s 8800 square feet of studio. They provide tools, training and technology to make it happen. What is “it?” That’s up to you. The Media Center is programming by community, for community. They also have a 2100 square […]

First Friday: Breakfast with an Entrepreneur in Residence

If you’re researching how to start a new business, it may be time to get your nose out of the textbooks and get to work. According to entrepreneur Peter Karlson, there are better ways to start a company from scratch than following a textbook’s guidelines. September’s First Friday Speaker, Peter Karlson, is the Cape Cod […]

Technology Enhanced Education – video

Education and the tech workplace

The U.S. Education System and the workforce are not seeing eye to eye these days. Nor have they been for some time. Our First Friday panel for August was on Technology-Enhanced Education, moderated by publisher, author and spokesperson Gary Beach. A leader in the field of IT, Gary was publisher of Computerworld, Network World and […]

Jan 4, 2014 – First Friday: John Landry “The Year Ahead”

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Dec 8 – First Friday: John Szucs and Team: “Digital Forensics Update”

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Nov 1: First Friday- Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association- Technology and the Cranberry Industry on Cape Cod and SE Massachusetts

Cranberries, a staple on the Thanksgiving dinner menu, is a major industry in southeastern Massachusetts and also one which is increasingly using technology to improve yields, lower costs, aid environmental conditions, and remain competitive. Dawn Gates-Allen, the communications manager of the 100+ year-old Cape Cod Cranberry Growers Association joins the Cape Cod Technology Council on […]

Oct 4 – First Friday: TBD

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