First Friday: The Internet of Things

“The best argument against Democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.” This quote, attributed to Winston Churchill, inspired the 2018 winners of the Congressional App Challenge. Teen developers James Milinazzo, Matthew Nugent, and Michael Teevens of Pembroke High School came to the CCTC First Friday Breakfast Meeting to present their winning app, Get […]

The Fix Coalition – working for new Cape Cod Bridges

Members from the CCTC Infrastructure Committee have been participating in meetings of the Fix Coalition – a gathering or regional organizations convened by the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce. The bottom line – our aging bridges need to be replaced, and we need to begin planning now. Cape Cod Times article petition

Facebook, Privacy & Reality

A Tech Editorial by Robbin Orbison In recent days there has been much press about the so-called “data breach” at Facebook. The word “breach” is being used loosely, but it is referring to a situation in which data about the personal preferences of millions of Facebook users was used to influence voting. The coverage has […]

Infrastructure Committee: Vineyard Wind overview and bridge update

Nate Mayo of Vineyard Wind returned to the Infrastructure Committee in March to give a more robust presentation on the company’s bid for wind power. To put the conversation in context, Nate began by giving background on the Energy Diversity Act in 2016, and the creation of the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. The Vineyard […]

Announcing the Dave Willard Cape Cod Technology Council STEM Scholarship Fund

The Cape Cod Foundation has recently been selected to administer the David Willard Cape Cod Technology Council (CCTC) STEM Scholarship Fund.  The fund, named after long-time CCTC Board Member David Willard, was established for high school seniors who plan to major in a STEM field (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) at Cape Cod Community College. […]

First Friday: Confronting Cyber Threats

At the First Friday Breakfast meeting in March, Special Agent Carmine Nigro, Private Sector Coordinator for the FBI Boston Division, brought us up to speed on the FBI’s perspective on confronting cyber threats. When the FBI is asked what some of the future threats are, the Internet of Things is one of them. We are […]

Infrastructure Comm: Vineyard Wind, Eversource rate update, rail

Nate Mayo of Vineyard Wind – one of three companies bidding to sell wind energy – attended the Infrastructure Committee’s February meeting.  Nate said Vineyard Wind spent the last few years getting ahead of the issues that plagued Cape Wind. He says their plan is to bring the power ashore to Barnstable/Yarmouth, connecting to the […]

First Friday: Agile, Scrum, and the 15 minute huddle

Are you struggling to keep up with the pace of change in the workplace? Have you been on project teams that had great potential, but the project was late, over budget, or not even delivered? Those are the questions Certified Scrum Master Gene Sorbo opened with at the Tech Council’s First Friday Breakfast Meeting in […]

Infrastructure Comm: More Net Neutrality, Eversource Rate Case

Acting on our discussion at the December meeting of the Infrastructure Committee, two committee members have started compiling knowledgable information about net neutrality, as well as what’s going on, and the issues at hand. Articles will help define what net neutrality is – both on the tech side and what it means to an individual. […]

Infrastructure Committee: Net Neutrality, Eversource Rate Case Update

At the December meeting, the Infrastructure Committee began discussing ideas to present to the board on how the Cape Cod Technology Council might take a lead in the net neutrality discussion.  CCTC Board President Bert Jackson reported on a previous conversation with Art Gaylord (former CIO of Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute) about coming up with […]