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A Makerspace for Cape Cod

Mary and Jim Sullivan were first inspired to start a Cape Makerspace when they attended an open house at Artisan’s Asylum in Somerville – which turned into both a goal and a stumbling block. Cape Cod Makerspace is envisioned as a place where people can make things happen. Examples of potential projects are 3-D printing, […]

Cape-2-O: Play your way to public policy

Round One of Cape-2-O is behind us, but that shouldn’t stop you from signing up for the next game, or exploring what’s happened so far. What is Cape-2-O? It’s a creative way to encourage community feedback on the Cape’s wastewater issues, developed by the Cape Cod Commission with a game platform from Emerson College, β€œto […]

Technology Enhanced Education – video

Education and the tech workplace

The U.S. Education System and the workforce are not seeing eye to eye these days. Nor have they been for some time. Our First Friday panel for August was on Technology-Enhanced Education, moderated by publisher, author and spokesperson Gary Beach. A leader in the field of IT, Gary was publisher of Computerworld, Network World and […]

July 2013 Infrastructure Committee: Personal Data – where to start?

At this month’s Infrastructure Meeting, we revisited questions of privacy and personal data, as well as the proposed MA sales tax that’s currently on the table. Personal data is a Pandora’s box. The information is out there, and there’s no way to get it back. What we can manage is new data, and educate people […]

August 2013 Infrastructure Committee: Navigating the New Tech Tax

This month’s Insfrastructure Meeting could be summarized as β€œthe more you know (and the faster you know it.)” The new tax on tech services, which was passed with a distinct lack of industry dialog, continues to be confusing on many levels. (Read the Technical Information Release from the Department of Revenue.) Software tax has been […]

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