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State of the Art Science and Innovation Building coming to Cape Cod Community College

Browser cookies going away, but what’s next?

A different kind of day at the beach: CCTC Member Rodrigo Passos

“A lot of people can spend a long time trying to figure out what they want to do with their lives, Rodrigo Passos said. “I’m not one of those people.” When Rodrigo was 12, he didn’t want to go to the beach with his family and instead spent two weeks at an older cousin’s house. […]

October’s First Friday: Video on the Web with Jay Sheehan

Ready to produce some content? The October First Friday breakfast meeting was in Cape Cod Community Media Center‘s 8800 square feet of studio. They provide tools, training and technology to make it happen. What is “it?” That’s up to you. The Media Center is programming by community, for community. They also have a 2100 square […]

October Infrastructure: Wastewater, privacy and what’s on the horizon

You can stop feeling taxed now. If you haven’t already heard, the “tech tax” was repealed retroactively. People who collected the tax can find instructions for returning it on the Department of Revenue website The legislation produced some unexpected and positive bi-products. As a result of our efforts to stop and then repeal the tax, […]

First Friday: Breakfast with an Entrepreneur in Residence

If you’re researching how to start a new business, it may be time to get your nose out of the textbooks and get to work. According to entrepreneur Peter Karlson, there are better ways to start a company from scratch than following a textbook’s guidelines. September’s First Friday Speaker, Peter Karlson, is the Cape Cod […]