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Special Interest Groups (SIGS)

(Please e-mail the SIG chairs personally and directly if you would like to join them, attend their sessions, or just have some questions for them)

IT/Networking – Bill Fallon
The IT-SIG is a networking opportunity for those interested in Internal IT issues.  The group is self-directed toward topics that are important and urgent to the technology that runs and supports the business.  The ideal participants lead the IT function regardless of their title, e.g. Director, Manager, consultant, etc.

Women in Tech / Geek Girl Camp – Leslie Fishlock
Geek Girl Camp is a networking group that also organizes meet-ups and un-conferences that educate girls/women of all ages, on all forms of technology to assist them in their professional lives, careers, business, and at home. It is geared to empower, educate, evangelize, excite and improve the overall knowledge of the ever-evolving world of technology, specifically dealing with consumer products, computers, the Internet and web-based services.

Infrastructure – Gene Curry
The Infrastructure Committee is charged with formulating and implementing Council policy regarding infrastructure issues of interest to members. Current issues under consideration by the Committee include telecommunications planning and review of current Cape Cod Regional Policy Plan. The Committee usually meets at 9:00 a.m. on the first Wednesday of the month at 3010 Main Street, Barnstable, Massachusetts.

Renewable and Alternative Energy – Lynda Terry
This SIG is a networking group to bring together like-minded people so that they may bring together ideas of alternative, renewable and sustainable energies with the use of technology.

Manufacturing/Processing/Distribution – Len Egan
Our aim in the group is to become better, more effective at looking at and improving the processes through “lean” technology application which enable us to meet the value criteria of our customers or clients.  We cover diverse businesses including manufacturing, processing or distribution.  Successful application of a “lean” culture will allow us to be more competitive, efficient, and productive – critical given our cost and labor situation on the Cape. This group is really open to any enterprise, within the CCTC or not, which utilizes a process (multiple steps) and people to complete a task, deliver a service, assemble/mix/change materials/or whatever to transform things into a finished product or result.  This can also be applicable to distribution (picking/packaging/stocking), hospitality, medical care, printing and the like – really anywhere one goes through a series of actions to accomplish something. E-mail me if you are interested or have any questions or even wonder if the group could be beneficial to your enterprise or if you have added suggestions.  We hope to collect a group over the next several weeks and get organized in March.  We look forward to hearing from you!

Environmental Engineering – Jim Luker
A networking and informational group to meet and discuss a wide variety of issues facing commercial property owners on Cape Cod including current engineering trends, proposed regulations and issues that influence business and development on Cape Cod. Topics of interest may include local and regional permitting, recycling and waste management,  septic systems,  how to manage a design build project, buying and leasing contaminated property, real estate due diligence for property acquisition, hazardous material handling and compliance, understanding wetland restrictions, groundwater protection and storm water management.   Interested parties should submit topics of interest via email.  Monthly meetings will be held at the offices of Green Seal.

Media/Communications – Jim Hill
The vision of the Media Communications SIG includes building a brand around the Cape Cod region as a source for world-class graphic designers, web designers and others in the communications industry. We also seek to educate the Cape Cod regional community about the value and importance that carefully crafted design brings to all aspects of media communications. This includes building the perception of design as a profession rather than as a trade. We also see the MC SIG as a forum for design professionals of the region to meet, share experiences and learn more about each other’s resources and capabilities.

Would YOU Like to Coordinate or Join a Special Interest Group (SIG)?

CCTC is always working to create and foster Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in all technology sectors; would YOU like to coordinate one? Or would you just like to be involved?

SIGs are an important part the Tech Council. They are small, intimate groups for sharing ideas, stimulating conversation and converting to action items for the Tech Council to use for seminars, First Fridays and special events.

There has been interest in the following sectors and we will need someone to coordinate the meet-ups as well interested parties who would like to be a part of them. Each SIG will also be given the opportunity to submit an organized plan for their own First Friday focusing on their own specialty!

Other Sectors:

  • B2B Roundtables
  • Education
  • Environmental Sciences
  • Graphic Design/Web Design
  • Health Care
  • Marine Sciences
  • Non-Profits in Technology
  • Transportation/Utilities
  • Web Development, Web Applications and Programming
  • Social Media, Video, Podcasting, Blogging, Internet Marketing
  • Others

Please email us if you are interested in starting a SIG and we will get you together with others who share your passion about your special technology sector!

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