Cape Cod 5

First Friday Attendees December 2019

Lois Andre / Dennis Chamber of Commerce Lisa Bates / Cape Cod Children’s Museum Sean Benners / Quadcopter Construction Gerry Berkelaar Dennis Berkey / Berkey Associates LLC David Botting / Community Connections Inc Jennifer Brann / OpenCape Marty Bruemmel / Cape Cod Community Media Center Bridget Burger […]

March 2019 First Friday Attendees

Lois Andre / Dennis Chamber of John Michael Jennifer Brann / Marty Julian Eugene Curry / Law Office of Eugene Michael Amy Dowd / Coastal Marketing Bill Fallon / Butler Fallon Financial Karen Gallagher / The Cooperative Bank of Cape Elaine Griggs / Pembroke […]

February 2019 First Friday Attendees

Lois Andre / Dennis Chamber of Austin Brandt / Cape Light Compact Stephen Bob Cody / Eugene Curry / Law Office of Eugene Dawn Dinnan / Latham Centers, Jane Douglas Amy Gary Mike Elizabeth Hammann / Cape Cod Five Cents Savings Ginny Hewitt / Brooks […]

January 2019 First Friday Attendees

Lois Andre / Dennis Chamber of John Austin Brandt / Cape Light Compact Izzi Tricia Debs / Susan Peavey Terry Gary John Hawley / Convention Data Angela Ed George Damian Macaluso / President, Metal Michael Mead / Cape Cod Five Cents Savings […]

First Friday: the Blue Economy

Chris Adams, Chief of Staff at the Cape Cod Chamber of Commerce and Program Director for the Cape Cod Blue Economy Project, spoke at the December First Friday Breakfast Meeting about the Blue Economy. Chris is a native of Cape Cod, and came back because he loves it here. In a strategic plan session at […]

December 2018 First Friday Attendees

First Friday: Thriving on social media

Craig Orsi, owner of the Cape Cod-based marketing firm Orsi & Company, came to November’s First Friday Breakfast meeting to address navigating and thriving on social media in what he called, “a very interesting time.” We are living in a divisive climate, filled with uncomfortable changes. Social media as we know it has grown into […]

First Friday: Building the STEM Pipeline on Cape Cod and the Islands

Bridget Burger, director of the Cape Cod Regional STEM Network (CCRSN), came to the First Friday Breakfast Meeting to fill us in on what the STEM network is, what they do, and where they’re headed. She was joined by Cape Cod Community College colleagues Erik Benton, Dean Patrick Preston, Andrea Lyons, Louis Beco, and Kathleeen […]

First Friday: From Bitcoin to Blockchain

If you ever wanted someone to explain Blockchain, September’s First Friday breakfast meeting was for you. If you missed it, you might have to wait for our speaker’s forthcoming book, Blockchain for Everyone, now in production with Simon & Schuster. In the meantime, here’s what you missed: Sir John Hargrave is the publisher of Bitcoin […]

Aug 2018 First Friday Recap: The Dangers of Public WiFi

Kevin MacArthur of Secure Networks came to scare the daylights out of us at the August First Friday – and he succeeded. With the help of a WiFi Pineapple, Kevin demonstrated the dangers of using public WiFi, showing us first hand what can happen to our mobile devices, whether we connect knowingly or not. Over […]

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