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Infrastructure Committee: Sharks

In light of the fatal shark attack this month, and the spread of shark activity, the Infrastructure Committee discussed how the Tech Council might be helpful in addressing these issues. In both incidents people had to reach the top of the bluff to get cell service. In the fatal attack, a doctor was quoted as […]

CCTC Member McLane Research Labs Testifies Before US Senate

(Falmouth, MA) – McLane Research Laboratories recently had the honor of providing testimony to the US Senate on emerging technologies that detect and mitigate Harmful Algal Blooms (HABS). On August 28, Director of Special Projects Ivory Engstrom spoke to the Senate Subcommittee on Oceans, Atmosphere, Fisheries, and Coast Guard in Washington at a hearing on […]

First Friday: From Bitcoin to Blockchain

If you ever wanted someone to explain Blockchain, September’s First Friday breakfast meeting was for you. If you missed it, you might have to wait for our speaker’s forthcoming book, Blockchain for Everyone, now in production with Simon & Schuster. In the meantime, here’s what you missed: Sir John Hargrave is the publisher of Bitcoin […]

Infrastructure Committee: Broadband in Hyannis and the Bridge Fix

At the August meeting, the Infrastructure Committee discussed progress on broadband in the Hyannis GIZ, and the Bridge Fix. Broadband The Tech Council, the Town of Barnstable, the Hyannis Area Chamber, and other stakeholders are working to develop a strategy for providing a broadband infrastructure for downtown Hyannis. We discussed the potential for funding, the […]

Aug 2018 First Friday Recap: The Dangers of Public WiFi

Kevin MacArthur of Secure Networks came to scare the daylights out of us at the August First Friday – and he succeeded. With the help of a WiFi Pineapple, Kevin demonstrated the dangers of using public WiFi, showing us first hand what can happen to our mobile devices, whether we connect knowingly or not. Over […]

Infrastructure Notes: July 2018 – Hyannis GIZ Broadband update

Felicia Penn returned to the Infrastructure Committee meeting in July to give the committee an update on broadband in the Hyannis Growth Incentive Zone. Following the June meetings, she reached out to Barnstable Town Manager Mark S. Ells, who invited her to meet, along with representatives from Open Cape. Mark is an engineer, so Felicia […]

First Friday: Making social media work for your business

Christine Merser came to the First Friday Breakfast meeting to reassure us that Facebook is not dead. As managing partner of Blue Shoe Strategy, a marketing firm specializing in social media and marketing through nontraditional methods, she should know. Blue Shoe Strategy has teams in New York City, Chicago, and Los Angeles, and has worked […]

Infrastructure Committee: Downtown Hyannis broadband

In June, the Infrastructure Committee was once again joined by Felicia Penn, who brought Jeannine Marshall, President of Coastal Community Capital to the meeting. The meeting was devoted to Downtown Hyannis making an “Innovation Zone” with fiber/ WiFi as part of the economic development plan. Felicia had come to the meeting we had in May, […]

Cape Cod Technology Council Announces Scholarship Recipients

David Willard Cape Cod Technology Council (CCTC) STEM Scholarship Fund Recipients Awarded By Cape Cod Foundation. JUNE 15, 2018 – The David Willard Cape Cod Technology Council STEM Scholarship Fund, administered by the Cape Cod Foundation, awarded two recent Cape Cod high school graduates pursuing a technology curriculum at Cape Cod Community College. Graduates Caleb […]

May 2018 Infrastructure Notes: Fiber for Hyannis Growth Incentive Zone

The May meeting of the CCTC Infrastructure Committee began with an update on the Fix Coalition. A committee member reported that there are stories at the state level about the state of our bridges, and that a bill is forthcoming. Also in politics, Governor Baker has signed an authorization bill for $300 million for […]

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