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Join the Membership Committee!

The Membership Committee is a standing committee of the Cape Cod Technology Council (CCTC) that promotes and facilitates the recruitment and continuity (retention) of CCTC members.  The Membership Committee is responsible for collaborating with other CCTC committees and the Board of Directors on key strategies, challenges, and needs in order to provide insight on membership recruitment, engagement and retention.


  • Time Commitment: approximately 2-4 hours per month
  • Meeting Attendance: generally, one meeting per month for approximately one hour
  • Member Recruitment:
    • Formulate plans and participate in discussions regarding the identification of prospective new members
    • Follow-up with non-member attendees to CCTC events (First Friday breakfasts, socials, etc.) to promote membership
  • Member Retention:
    • Formulate plans and participate in discussions regarding the retention of existing members
    • Propose strategies for re-engagement of lapsed members
    • Contact non-renewing members to understand the reasons why they did not renew and encourage ongoing participation
  • Collaborate with other CCTC committees to promote the goals of membership recruitment and retention

Interested? Contact Membership Committee Chair George Vaughn

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